Who is Harper?

Harper is a cheeky little Pomeranian who was introduced to the Villanti family in 2012.

At times, she's an overly enthusiastic little sweetheart who enjoys greeting family, friends and anyone with the same zest every day. Harper has a brilliant memory and patiently sits and listens attentively to line after line as her human, David reads through his scripts. Thankfully, Harper instinctively seems to know when her human has been working too long and will distract him when he's spent much time indoors. She thoroughly enjoys all the attention she gets when Harper takes her David out for a walk and she loves going out on the motorbike.


Harper originally came to the family as a beloved pet for David's Grandchildren, and although she still looks after them as well as ever, she and David have now become absolutely inseperable during the years they have spent together.

On A Personal Note:

More than just a pretty, fuzzy face, Harper is a hard working little doggie. She's been to Canberra many times to help her David with coaching people on the NDIS in Presentation and Acting Skills. Harper also enjoys acting in live theatre productions, such as the role she is currently playing as Elle Woods' dog in the Campbelltown Theatre production of 'Legally Blonde'.


Some of Harpers favourite hang outs are Newtown and City Park, Minto Heights and Georges River. She has even ridden all the way from Sydney to Geelong on a Harley Davidson. When not working, Harper loves spending time with her friends, family and team members. Harper is available for commercials and live performances and will be able to attend auditions after November.

If you're looking for a Sweet and Dedicated little fur-star, Harper would be delighted to work with you!

To arrange a doggy audition with Harper, fill in the form on our Contact Page: